Middle Tennessee Chapter 2017 Scholarship Winners

Posted: Jun 27, 2017

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of the ASSE is pleased to announce the following 2017 Scholarship Winners:

Harold F. Polston Memorial ASSE Foundation Scholarship (sponsored by the Middle Tennessee Chapter)

Jennifer Guetersloh
Murray State University
Occupational Safety and Health

Tennessee Safety & Health Congress (TSHC) Celebrates 40th Year

Posted: Feb 21, 2017

Tennessee Safety & Health Congress (TSHC) is celebrating its 40th year milestone with a new look! The TSHC event is also changing the name to the Tennessee Safety & Health “Conference”

Registration is now open!

What you can expect at the Conference

Middle Tennessee Chapter Assists Nashville’s Inner City Youth

Posted: Jan 05, 2017

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of the ASSE was recently presented with the opportunity to assist in driver education for Nashville’s inner city youth living in the Preston Taylor Homes.

Preston Taylor Homes is a public housing project in Nashville. The housing project is served by Preston Taylor Ministries, an organization founded to help inner city youth confront many of the problems present in public housing, including drug use, gang involvement, teenage pregnancy, illiteracy, poor school performance and crime, by providing spiritual programs and academic tutoring.

Toys for Tots Collection

Posted: Dec 22, 2016

On Monday, Dec 12th, 2016 – Middle TN Chapter of the ASSE donated 33 toys and $50 cash to the Toys for Tots collection site at the TN Army National Guard in Smyrna, TN.

Thanks to all the Chapter Members for their contributions and participation.


Pictured with Chapter Member Eric Brukl are LCpls Pittman, Mitchell, and Bloodworth.

2016 Scholarship Golf Scramble

Posted: May 04, 2016

The rain clouds parted like the Red Sea and the 2016 Scholarship Golf Scramble was a big success for our Middle TN ASSE Chapter and the Tennessee Safety & Health Congress! We raised several thousand dollars for our Scholarship Funds and avoided some huge thunderstorms that came through the area.  Thanks to our sponsors, Chapter Officers, Co-Chairs David Johnson and Ron Kirsch, and all our awesome participants!

2016 Scholarship Golf Scramble 2016 Scholarship Golf Scramble 2016 Scholarship Golf Scramble 2016 Scholarship Golf Scramble 2016 Scholarship Golf Scramble
Our extraordinary ASSE registration team! We had to move indoors because of the strong winds…
Pictured (L to R): Kathleen Pohlid, Mandy Lindsey, Jimmie Tullis, and Jay St. Pierre.